Lipping and Lip Milling Machine

Special purpose machine for lipping and lip milling of engine bearings. Loading/ unloading is automatic and Machine supplied with loading conveyor.

Facing and Chamfering Machine with loading Conveyor

Special purpose machine for facing and chamfering of engine bearings. The conveyor is for stacking and loading of bearings into the machine.

Facing and Chamfering Machine with loading Conveyor

Another snapshot of the face and chamfer machine.

Height Checking Machine

Special Purpose machine for checking height of engine bearings after height broaching operation. The range of height is measured in a range of 30 microns within an accuracy of + or – 1 micron. The machine trial was achieved within a deviation of 4 microns through a 100 readings taken

Strip Milling machine before Dispatch

The machine will be used for milling of a continuous steel strip with cast copper deposited on it moving at a speed of 3 m/min and the metal depth removed at 2 mm/cutter with two cutters and at a cut width of 200 mm. The strip milling machine is also provided with a cyclone collector with pneumatic conveying for the copper chips removal and bag filling.

Hole Punching and Counter sunking Machine

The machine is used for hole punching and counter sunking operation on engine bearings.

Angular Hole Drilling SPM

The machine is used for Precision Angular Holes drilling of dia. 2 to 4 mm in Aluminum jobs used in Pipe Gas applications in USA.


Auto Grooving Machine for Engine Bearings

The machine is used for Automatic Grooving of Engine Bearings.

Automatic-Innoculation- Dispenser

Automatic Innoculation Dispenser

Automatic Inoculation Dispenser used in Foundries for dispensing inoculation in measure quantity and in specified time.


Machine Tool Reconditioning

Machine Tool Reconditioning